Four Simple Truths are experienced business coaches focused on assisting leadership teams to transform the financial performance of their organisations to achieve their business and personal goals.

We do this by helping them create an aspirational vision of the future and we work with them tirelessly to make it happen. The transformation plan normally has four key elements, and we provide a consistent focus on each:

  1. Customer Loyalty
  2. Profitability Improvement
  3. Revenue Growth
  4. Cash Flow Optimisation

We encourage them to think bigger. Much bigger. We encourage them to identify opportunities and work around constraints. They inspire and motivate their teams. They get them all pulling in the same direction.

Creating incremental performance improvements from existing operations comes first. Modest gains in revenues and profitability are achieved and cash reserves start to improve.

Some of these gains can then be invested into focused initiatives that build on the initial progress. This often includes investing in people, processes, capabilities, and technology infrastructure.

Results start to improve more quickly, and it becomes a recurring process.

Again and again, like a flywheel continually gaining momentum. Eventually it takes on a life of its own, and it is at this point the organisation has created culture of performance and accountability.


My team and I have specialised in corporate turnarounds for over 25 years in a range of executive roles with blue chip multinationals in Europe, Central Asia, Asia Pacific, Africa, and the Middle East.

Throughout a long and varied career we have been awarded over $1.8bil in new contracts while retaining a further $5.4bil and grown EBIT by an average of 15%.

This has enabled these organisations to generate significant amounts of additional cash from operations to continue reinvesting in their transformation programmes.

The articles on leadership that we post here emphasise the complexity of decision-making and the consequences they often have. Our aim is to highlight the importance of having a decision-making paradigm.

A paradigm, or framework, allows decision-making to become far more instinctive – you’ll know within yourself what course of action should be taken in any given situation to optimise long-term value creation.

This is what we aim for through our coaching – our clients reaching this Aha! moment.

The case studies are all based on actual events although the names of individuals, organisations and locations have all been changed. To protect the innocent, as they say.

Please leave a message below or email us directly for further information on who we are and what we could do for you and your organisation. We would be happy to send you further information.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Daniel Fox

Director, Four Simple Truths

E: enquiries@foursimpletruths.com 

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