Daniel Fox

Daniel Fox is the Director of Four Simple Truths, a team of experienced business coaches focused on assisting leadership teams to transform the financial performance of their organisations to achieve their business and personal goals. Please contact us at

Fixing loss-making contracts. Asking the right questions to get to the right answers.


Many companies are uncomfortable bed-mates with low-margin contracts and, this not being the original plan, want to fix whatever is broken sooner rather than later. The ‘fixing’ process will be based around answering five key questions – the aim not just to significantly improve profitability, but to avoid a recurrence by creating a platform for organisational learning. Let’s...

The importance of accelerating business growth.


Whether it be out of a naturally competitive spirit, a desire to improve the quality of life of individual customers, a wish to contribute to the success of business clients, most business leaders have an inherent desire to grow the entities they are responsible for. We all want to increase the number of customers we serve, the markets we are present in, and the range of products and services...

It’s goal-setting and discipline that improves profitability


Profitability is limited more by a lack of imagination and determination than anything else. Breakthrough performance is made visible in models that measure the impact of changes in performance – increase this by 5%, reduce that by 3%, stop spending on this, and invest in that – you will be surprised at how the future of your BU will look. And then you just need to instill the discipline in...

Everything starts with keeping the clients you’ve already got.


You would be surprised at how many companies have little or no understanding of the financial risk associated with not having a formal key account retention process as part of their operating plans. Senior managers often assume that the goods and services are being delivered entirely to the satisfaction of clients, that no further revenue growth opportunities are to be found with that customer...